Published On: Sun, May 19th, 2013

Routledge Handbook of Modern Israel

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9780415573924Israel is a country made up of contradictions. A lively democracy in a multicultural society but within a state promoting a strong national identity; a thriving economy in an unequal society; a culture open to modern trends but drawing on the Hebrew past and preoccupied with the Holocaust and the Arab-Israeli conflict; a sovereign member in the international arena, whose existence is still contested in the Middle East.

The Routledge Handbook of Modern Israel provides a comprehensive profile of the intricacies of contemporary Israel, offering a unique, in-depth survey of the country.

Organised thematically, a full range of topics are discussed, including:

Politics and international relations
The foundation of the Israeli state
The birth and development of the Israeli economy
Israeli culture
Israel’s role in the Middle East
Bringing together more than thirty notable contributors from across the globe, this Handbook sheds light on the multifaceted reality of modern Israel in order to better understand, beyond clichés, this complex society.

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Source: Routledge

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