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The term MENA, for “Middle East and North Africa”, is an acronym often used in academic, military planning and business writing.

The term covers an extensive region, extending from Morocco to Iran, including the majority of both the Middle Eastern and Maghreb countries. MENA is roughly synonymous with the term the Greater Middle East (which is also sometimes taken to include Afghanistan and Pakistan).

The population of the MENA region at its least extent is about 381 million people, about 6% of the total world population. At its greatest extent, its population is roughly 523 million.

It must be noted that  between a third and a half of all foreign news stories in the Western print and broadcast media are usually about the Middle East.

Our online news sharing  magazine which is called MENA TIMES dedicates all its efforts to cover the most important incidents occurring in the region with a selective but informative method among hundreds of news and analysis being published daily by international media across the globe along with press releases, those are  produced and sent by different organizations to our editorial .

MENA TIMES, unlike other online magazines which have very complicated structures, has very simple but professional style  in terms of online journalistic design.  This magazine would provide  you a bird’s-eye view across the MENA region.

We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and enrich our activities by sending your absolutely necessary comments and suggestions through the commenting and contacting  system.


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